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Who might Benefit from Psychotherapy and Counselling?


There are many situations where people experience difficulties in life, not just Practically but Emotionally. This may cause them to find it difficult to cope, and if this persists it can lead to symptoms of Depression or Anxiety.


Others find Relationships problematic, or Lack Confidence and have a poor self image.


Have problems dealing with changes in thier lives such as, Redundancy, Loss of a Partner or Family member.


Have some form of Phobia or Obsessional Behaviour which is hampering thier ability to live life.


Those who benefit are those who want to understand their reactions and are prepared to explore thier coping stratagies. They should be willing to challenge thier ways of thinking and behaviour.

We are located at:

Sutton Coldfield Health Clinic,

 5 While rd,

Sutton Coldfield,

B72 1ND

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